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Launch und Recovery Systeme

Die von MacArtney entwickelten Winden- und Handlingsysteme gehören zu den modernsten und robustesten Systemen und sind seit Jahrzenten weltweit im Einsatz.

MacArtney verbessert kontinuierlich das bestehende Design der Winden und A-Rahmen und arbeitet an neuen Lösungsansätzen.

Der Focus liegt auf elektrischen Winden für vielfältige Anwendungsgebiete. MacArtney Winden werden zum Bergen von ROVs, geschleppten Systemen, Kernbohrern, Pumpen, Tauchsystemen u.v.a. eingesetzt.

MacArtney Germany GmbH ist Ihr direkter Ansprechpartner für Ihr neues Windensystem. In der direkten und gruppeninternen Kommunikation bei der Planung eines Windensystems liegt hier ein entscheidender Vorteil.

Außerdem bieten wir in Zusammenarbeit mit der MacArtney Gruppe weiteres Zubehör für Ihr Windensystem an wie z.B. Kabel und Lastterminierungen.

Active heave compensated drilling platform

30.03.2017 [Kategorie: Launch und Recovery Systeme]Von: Hans-Jørgen Hansen

Multipurpose drill ship provided with active heave compensated (AHC) drilling platform from MacArtney

Multipurpose drill ship

Multipurpose drill ship

Site investigations down to 60 m water depths have called for the installation of a turnkey MacArtney solution enabling the execution of advanced geo-technical drilling techniques.

Newly launched multipurpose drill ship FREJA integrates a high-performance active heave compensated drilling platform manufactured by MacArtney. The drilling setup on board the vessel has been designed to provide enhanced drilling conditions even in rough seas.

Keeping drilling rig quiet in three-metre high waves
A customised, motion-compensated working platform of ten times seven metres is situated amidships. This means that the working deck remains stationary while the vessel follows the movements of the waves. Besides, the platform design includes a roll function compensating for the vessel rolls by +/- 7 degrees. The active heave compensation is achieved by four fast reacting, high performancewinches mounted on the corner pillars supporting the entire platform. The winches are controlled by an integrated control system, which ensures that the complete platform is synchronised with the vessel dynamic positioning control system. This enables drilling methods which ensure higher sample quality than that usually achieved carrying out traditional drill ship procedures. This way, the operation remains less dependent on the weather conditions.

Contents of the order
In addition to project management, mechanical design and engineering, as well as installation and commis-sioning, the scope of supply of this MacArtney turnkey solution includes the 100 t AHC drilling platform, four winches, the integrated control system and a spare package comprising among others three spare winches. The main purpose of this system is within offshore wind projects.
We are extremely happy to be part of this project and in a position to supply such a leading-edge system solution enhancing our customer’s drilling methods to the benefit of all, states Søren Hartvigsen, Technical Director of MacArtney Manufacturing.

Trusted solutions 
MacArtney winch systems are some of the most advanced solutions available and have been trusted for decades by customers worldwide. Our constant focus on improving existing designs and developing new solutions ensures provision of high quality, dependable winch systems for all needs. We design and supply complete solutions for handling ROVs, towed systems, corers, ploughs, diving systems, and a wide range of other applications for off-shore and underwater use. Our total packages include integrated dynamic cable systems, slip rings, winches, sheaves, launch and recovery systems, and active heave compensation systems. All MacArtney systems are designed, engineered, tested and certified to required customer standards.


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